Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon

The half marathon awaits!  Just a few more hours now.  It all kicks off tonight at 10pm EDT (9pm Central).

I can’t believe today is finally here!  I’m unbelievably excited about the race tonight and fairly nervous too.  Can’t wait to get out there and start running!

Since several people have asked, here’s how you can track me during the race:

  • Runkeeper – I’ll have my phone with me, so you should be able to see where I am here, as long as my battery holds out.
  • Endomondo – Same idea as Runkeeper.  Just testing this too.  I think this one will actually show which song I’m listening to also.  That should be… interesting.
  • Active.com – This is the official tracking site for the race.  It won’t show where I am, but you can sign up for text and e-mail updates and find out when I cross certain points.

Also, since I’ll be listening to music on my phone anyway, I’ve set it up so that any text messages I receive (which is supposed to include Facebook updates as well) will be read to me by the phone.  Feel free to text me random stuff at 409-682-3057 and I should hear it while I’m running, though I won’t easily be able to respond until much later most probably.